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MFG is an architect and a painter. 
She applied her creative abilities to a diverse range of projects as well as to painting, one of her passions.

MFG paints mainly in acrylic colors, varnish and spray paint. She usually creates with her hands and assembles or destroys volumes and shapes.
Her research concerns organic forms. 

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Exhibitions & Publications
  • January 2007,"Accolita dalla materia, al segno, al racconto", organised by Tania Vetromile, collective exhibition, Rome, Italy
  • 2011,"Uruguayos Artistas en el Mundo", collective exhibition, Arte Punto Zero Gallery, Montevideo, Publication in Destiny Art Magazine (vol.7) Uruguay
  • 2017, RAW Rome Art week, Open studio, personal exhibition, Rome, Italy
  • 4/11/2017-24/11/2017 "Absence and Presence", collective exhibition , OnArt Gallery Firenze, Florence, Italy organised by Romina Sangiovanni
  • Publication in Artmajeur, magazine, january 2018
  • 30/3/2018-5/4/2018 "Liberamente", collective exhibition, Spazio Area Contesa Arte, Rome
  • 13/4/2018 - 13/5/2018 "Insognami", personal exhibition, Hotel Corona, Roma, organised by Chiara Casco
  • 15/02/2019 The Witches are back!, collective exhibition, Forte Prenestino, Rome
  • 9/4/2019-14/4/2019 workshop and performance  “LA SCENA PRESENTE | NONTANTOPRECISI”, LA Pelanda, Mattoio, Rome, organised by the theater company Nontantoprecisi
  • 20/6/2019 RAW ARTALK interview 
  • 09/03/2022-09/04/2022, "just women's art!", collective exhibition, Wire, Rome, organized by Alessia Dei for Arte e città a oolori
  • 29-30/06/2024 Mostra Arte Contemporanea Civita D'Antino (AQ), Exhibition "Naturalmente", organized by Cinzia Pace
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